Dr Jolene (Chia-Ling) Hsieh

Dr. Jolene grew up in Taiwan and graduated from Taipei Medical University, where she earned her DMD degree in 2012. She later came to Canada in 2018, where she successfully completed the licensure process to practice dentistry in Canada. She has over 10 years of experience as a general dentist, with a special interest and experience in orthodontics.


Dr. Jolene has volunteered in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mongolia, and India for Tibetan refugees, providing quality dental care to those without access. Patient-centered care is the core philosophy of Dr. Jolene. She is considerate to the needs of the patient and will work to provide a satisfactory plan that meets a wide range of expectations. 


Dr. Jolene was part of the mountain climbing club at university. She continues her love for the outdoors by exploring new hiking trails in British Columbia.